October 31 2014 18:58:45

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30/10/2014 01:37
can you guys go on here and vote "like" on this pic? https://www.facebo

13/10/2014 04:12

10/10/2014 05:00
thanxs for the link

10/10/2014 01:02
when one falls another arises

10/10/2014 00:53

09/10/2014 20:57
il.2014. available on torrent.Gotta be worth a look.

09/10/2014 06:37
What happened to your blog, Froggy?

04/10/2014 20:58
ombstones.2014. available on torrent.Good thriller,worth watching once.

04/10/2014 19:59
i also forgotto mention that when your link checkers checks them they show up as dead even if they are alive. kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it?

04/10/2014 19:36
she checked them. but when the big boss checked them after i had gotten rid of a lot on his PDF they were all active!~

04/10/2014 19:35
i got rid of some dead links last weekend and before i did i asked the admin. to check certain links just in case i was wrong in seeing them dead. they appeared dead to her

04/10/2014 19:34
members, and so when if you post links if you have one it shows up as one when you post them for others like me who don't have an account with them

04/10/2014 19:32
one thing i did learn that i wish i knew a little earlier this summer was that RG is trying to get people to sign up as premium memebers

04/10/2014 19:31
so as you can see i still have a LOT to learn. i'm a slow learner anyways and yes i did tell him that. he got banned before he could go any further

04/10/2014 19:30
and he also taught how to edit as well. before he got banned as a mod. well a super mod really and that's it pretty much

04/10/2014 19:29
here's what he taught me, how to move links, check for dead links even helped me install grease monkey which is what i use now

04/10/2014 19:28
i agree. i'm still a novice at a LOT of things when it comes to being a mod. but i still am learning though. the funny part was he was the 1st one that originally had trained me

04/10/2014 16:15
Sounds like a goodcall

03/10/2014 19:34
and i think it was smart NOT to make him a mod. cause he was one on the other site i'm a mod at and he kept going off at the owner of the site! so he was banned from that one

03/10/2014 19:25
true, he was a member actually. he was mainly pissed because i was offered to be a mod and he wasn't. he did offer awhile back but was turned down

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