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October 02 2014 06:21:28

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29/09/2014 01:37
they are making that? i had no idea to be honest

28/09/2014 12:46
Although it is produced by the terrible asylum company i enjoy watching Z NATION available on torrent.Currently up to third episode.

28/09/2014 11:16
Any good horror films people can recommend worth watching??

26/09/2014 06:04
in fact someone there a couple years back gave me a link to froggy's missed blog he used to have.

26/09/2014 06:03
i do belong to another horror site other than this one a couple actually. here's one of them http://horror-cult
-classics.com not a torrent site either.

22/09/2014 21:57
is more family orientated pretty much. i just became a mod on it last night in fact. so i'm still learning the ropes on that one. each site is run vastly differeent

22/09/2014 21:54
neither site has porn though. Falcon has playboy on it if that's what you are looking for but that's about it. and Couch Tater

22/09/2014 21:52
download sites, FF is a newer one. and Couch Tater has a lot of tv shows on it but it's got movies and such now

22/09/2014 21:43
what kinda sites are those>?

22/09/2014 06:05
sorry ladies and gents for not being on here enough. i'm actually a mod on 2 sites now. one is called falcon files, and the other is called couch tater

17/09/2014 01:34
the ending was pretty lame too...

14/09/2014 07:23
The only thing i hated about 7500 is its climax...

03/09/2014 22:16
Available on torrent.7500 (2014),described as being grudge on a plane.Good twist at the end.Worth watching once.

03/09/2014 02:50
ok, also really it's that bad?

01/09/2014 16:03
Hi guys, wanted to let it be known THC will be having an open sign-up for one week beginning Sunday September 7th

30/08/2014 12:32
Leprechaun Origins.. HOLY SHIT what a shitty piece of shitty "cinema".. avoid at all costs..

30/08/2014 11:38
hey carl ,, you can play tomb raider,thats what i did after i finished the last of us,or ''Murdered'' its crime supernatural game

29/08/2014 22:48
I think somehow, that's to prepare people for the real life hard choices they have to make when ISIS comes to the homeland and people have to scatter and hide to survive.

29/08/2014 22:47
I played the walking dead video game on ps3 and it really makes you make some hard choices and I felt bad for some of the choices I had to make.

29/08/2014 04:12
cause that's his 1st horror film.

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